The E Cigarette Is Taking Its Place In History

ecig2Who would have thought that cigarettes with no tobacco in them would be threatening to make a large dent in the market of tobacco cigarettes. That is just what the e cigarette, or the electronic cigarette is doing. From a novelty to a steadily growing social phenomenon, the e cigarette is beginning to make big tobacco sit up and take notice.

An e cigarette is a cylinder-like device with a container of a glycol liquid inside that becomes vaporized and the resulting vapor is inhaled and exhaled, just like smoke in a tobacco cigarette, only this harmless vapor doesn’t smell bad, it won’t burn holes in the chair or your shirt, and it doesn’t cause cancer.

This is no doubt why millions have already made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to the e cigarette. You can get varying strength levels of nicotine in an e cigarette, and many have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes in this way. They start with a strength level similar to the tobacco cigarette they were smoking, and taper down gradually.

You can also get many different flavors with your e cigs, such as lemon, lime, strawberry, caramel, chocolate, cherry, blueberry, mint, peppermint, cinnamon, apple, menthol and many others. The devices have branched out from a boring old cigarette lookalike into much more interestingly shaped and colorful devices.

Clearly, people are moving over to the new fad in droves and enjoying themselves in the process. And why not? With the e cigs they get the same psychological pleasures they got from smoking, and now they are not going to die from the process. E cigarettes have become the next “in” thing and quite a social statement besides. You know that a product has arrived when its own sub culture language and social talk is flourishing. And that is just the case with e cigs, so next stop, the moon.